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KOLOHE DAYS  -  HAIKU, MAUI  -  1930s to 1950s    by Louis Baldovi

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Book - Holoholo To When I Wuz                                            $20.00      x                           =                       

Shipping within State of Hawaii (book rate)                           $  2.50      x                            =           

Shipping to mainland United States (priority mail)                 $  5.00      x                            =                        


Form of payment:       Check             (payable to Haiku Living Legacy Project)     Cash               

Master Card or Visa only                    Card number                                                                            Exp.                

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(note; Master Card & Visa charges will go through Akamai Movies to the Haiku Living Legacy Project)

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·           For mail order, please send this completed form with full payment to;  Haiku Living Legacy Project, P.O. Box 1360, Haiku, HI  96708
For questions about your order, contact Marian Zajac at 808-573-5229 or mmzmaui@yahoo.com   
All proceeds from the book will support the historical endeavors of the Haiku Living Legacy Project.