Haiku Living Legacy Project
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Haiku Living Legacy Project

The mission of the Haiku Living Legacy Project (H.L.L.P.) is to preserve and perpetuate the historical legacy unique to the community currently known as Haiku (historically including the communities such as Haiku, Halehaku, Honopou, Huelo, Kailua, Kapakalua, Kokomo, Kuiaha, Maliko, Pauwela, and Peahi).

• Promote the preservation of Haiku historical data and memorabilia; written, spoken, and otherwise perpetuated, for future generations.
• Provide venue(s) for the public to enjoy this collection. Venue(s) may include, but not be limited to, the creation of a web site, historical displays at public events, educational outreach, publications.
• Seek grant and other sponsor funds to support and grow the project.
• Create a H.L.L.P. organization to maintain and oversee the integrity and quality of all H.L.L.P. projects
• All funds raised by projects generated by H.L.L.P. are to be used to perpetuate the Haiku Living Legacy Project.

Haiku has recently become the fasted growing community on Maui and risks loosing its unique character, sense of place and history. This has fostered a drive among both present and former Haiku residents to preserve and share the rich legacy that make Haiku the place it is today. The Haiku Living Legacy Project has been formed to create a permanent archive of historical data and photos which will be made publicly accessible to all who are interested and especially those students, teachers, & historians in Haiku and on Maui to study our history and culture. This will be a two fold project starting with the upcoming Haiku Reunion and Centennial and continuing with a permanent location for the display and storage of the historical data and photos, and reaching out to the general public through traveling displays and the internet.

The words “legacy” and “history” are often used interchangeably. What’s the difference? History is an essential part of a legacy, but a legacy is more than just history. A legacy is a bequest to future generations. It’s an asset, both monetary & non-monetary, that can appreciate or depreciate over time.
Our Ha’iku Living Legacy Project is an asset that will consist of historical facts and experiences. Its great potential value has sadly been depreciating for a long time, with important parts being irreversibly lost. Capturing the photos, memories, documents and other memorabilia in a way that is enduring and accessible can take us back into the past for the benefit of the future. We can then create new images and plans to help revitalize our community as the place for the future.
-paraphrased from Hiroshi Yamauchi, former Haiku Resident & inspiring founding member of HLLP